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Gentiger SHCM-S96RA



Outstanding Features:

Ruggedly built turret type milling head.
The spindle is one piece machined from SCM-21 alloy steel, carburized, tempered and precision ground. The spindle runs on high precision P4 class bearing.
Fitted with forced lubrication system for gears, clutch, and bearings inside the milling head for low noise running and long service life of head parts.
The milling head can be swivelled 45° to the right and left. It is quickly locked and loosened by double screws and clamping ring.
Constructed of high quality castings FC-30 and Fcd-45, rib reinforced, tempered, and stress relieved for maximum rigidity without deformation.
The table is manufactured from high quality cast iron FC-30. The table surface and slideways are tempered, high frequency hardened, and precision ground. The T-slots are precision machined. The 6 surfaces on 3 T-slots are precision ground to within 0.01mm accuracy in full way, permitting for fast milling operations.
The X, Y axis feeds are driven by high precision C5 class preloaded double nut ball screws with tightening function, providing smooth feed, minimum backlash, and superior positioning accuracy.
The X-axis feed is driven by a 1000W AC servo motor and the original driver, incorporated with a magnetic clutch for safe, powerful, fast, stable and quiet traverse. Automatic feed speed range is 0 – 1500 mm/min. Rapid feed speed as high as 3500mm/min.
An installation space is left for a Y-axis servo motor, providing convenient fitting at any time (OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT)
The X, Y axis slideways, dovetailed surfaces and gibs are coated with Turcite-B, precision scraped for long term accuracy and maximum wear resistance.
Precision chip wipers protect the x, Y and Z axis ways for scratch free traverse.
The digitally displayed, timer controlled lubricator provides automatic lubrication to the X, Y, Z axis slideways, feed screws, gears and bearings. The oil supply time and lubrication interval can be set. An oil manifold ensures uniform lubrication to the parts.


Spindle speeds 75~3600 RPM 16 STEPS
Spindle nose taper NST 40
Head tilt (R & L) 45° (R & L)
Overarm travel 410 MM
Quill travel 140 MM
Distance from spindle nose to table 0~530 MM
Distance from spindle center to column 170~580 MM
Automatic spindle feed speed 0.035/0.07/0.14 MM (PER REV.)
Table area 1250 x 280 MM
Longitudinal travel 750 MM
Gross travel 400 MM
Vertical travel 440 MM
T-slot (Width x No. x Distance) 16 x 3 x 65 MM
Automatic lougitudinal travel 0-1500 mm/min
Quick lougitudinal travel 3500 mm/min
Quick vertical travel 1150 MM
Spindle 2.2 KW (3HP)
Knee 0.75 KW (1HP)
Lubrication pump 75 W
Magnetic pump 13 W
Machine dimensions 1900 x 2260 x 2305 MM
Packing dimensions 1460 x 1920 x 2030 MM
N.W. 2100 KG
G.W. 2260 KG


  • Service tools
  • Tool box
  • Front and rear chip guard
  • Cooling system
  • Halogen work lamp


  • Spindle feed depth gauge
  • Y axis servo driver
  • Spindle tapping device
  • Riser block 100mm
  • Digital readout
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