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Gentiger GT-HTA2500



A High-Tech Machining Center

Packed with many outstanding features, the advanced GT-HTA 2500 5-axis machining center is designed for high speed and vibration free performance. This will dramatically reduce your machining time. With its rotating and tilting spindle head, the machine allows complex parts to be machined in only one setup.

5-axis machining center combining A, C-axis on spindle head 18,000 rpm high speed, built-in type spindle.
Roller type linear guide ways on x, y, z-axis.
Special double-column, high speed machine structure for high speed and heavy cutting.
One-piece constructed columns feature extra high rigidity.
Heidenhain optical scales on 3 axes.

High Speed! Maximum Stability! Lifetime Accuracy!

These are the qualities that every operator demands and gets with the Gentiger GT-HTA 2500 5-Axis Machining Center. It’s a high precision, multi-tasking machine, suitable for high precision machining.

6 Blocks on Z-axis

Slideways are mounted with two heavy duty roller type linear guide ways with great span between ways. Each linear guide way employs three blocks to upgrade rigidity on Z-axis and features maximum stability during heavy cutting.

Three Linear Guide Ways on X, Y-axis

X, Y-axis is mounted with three heavy-duty roller type linear guide ways with greater span between ways. This provides solid support for table. Another benefit is the table can accommodate heavier loads without deformation.

Chip Augers

There is one chip auger each equipped at side of base, delivering chips to a chip conveyor for easy removal.

Rigid Roller Type Linear Guide Way

Mounted with the SRG highly rigid roller type linear guide ways combined with the use of a roller retainer. These special linear guide ways feature low friction coefficiency, smooth movement and maintenance-free performance for long periods of operation.

Heidenhain Optical Scales on 3 Axes

High accuracy (±3μm)
High repeatability accuracy (≦0.2μm)
Pollution resistant (single field scanning)
Interfering signal-resistant (covered by full conductor)

Optimal Structural Design

Double column structure features ultra-high stability in high speed machining.
The table is independently installed on the base and fully supported by 3 roller-type linear guide ways through the entire stroke, assuring maximum accuracy and dependability.

One-piece Constructed Columns

The specially designed double-column, high speed machine structure combined with one-piece constructed column fully exhibit structural rigidity and stability during heavy cutting.

Three Axes Linear Guide Ways

Roller type linear guide ways on three axes feature higher feed rate, resist heavier loads and ensure superior dynamic accuracy and long service life.
X,Y-axis is equipped with 3 linear guide ways for superior rigidity.

Servo Motor Drives on 3 Axes

Three axes are driven by powerful servo motors. Their power can reduce machining time for large molds and increase profitability.

Deformation Free

All casting parts are stress relieved and treated for lifetime accuracy without any deformation.

High Accuracy

Positioning accuracy: 0.003 / 300 mm
Repeatability: ±0.003 mm
Three axes are equipped with Heidenhain optical scales.

Three Axes Feed Rates

Rapid feed rate: 20 / 15 / 20 m/min.
Cutting feed rate: 20 / 15 / 20 m/min.


Travel (X, Y, Z) 2500 x 2470 x 850 mm
Cutting feedrate 20 / 15 / 20 m/min
Rapid feedrate 20 / 15 / 20 m/min
Table area 2800 x 1600 mm
T-slot 22 / 210 x 8 mm
Height of table from ground 980 mm
Distance from spindle nose to table surface 100 ~ 950 mm
Max. Load of table (average load) 10,000 kg
Max. Spindle speed 18,000 RPM
Type of spindle motor Built-in
Bearing Iubrication Oil-Air
Spindle cooling Water-cooling
Spindle taper HSK-A63
Spindle motor 29.5 kw
Spindle torque 70.4 Nm
Spindle bearing Ins. diameter Ø70 mm
ATC capacity 24 tools
ATC tool system HSK-A63
Max. Tool diameter Ø90 mm
Max. Tool length 250 mm
Max. Tool weight 6 kg
Motor of tool magazine 60 W
Servo motor for 3 axes 21.99 / 25 / 14.66 kw
Air pressure requirement 7 kg/cm2
Air conditioner 750 W
Spindle cooler 1.45 kw
Automatic Lubricator (slideways) 150 W
Coolant motor 2 kw
Chip flush motor 2 kw
Total power consumption (Max.) 105 kw
Coolant tank capacity 1,170 Liter
Machine dimension 7300 x 4670 x 4600 mm
Machine net weight 40000 kg

*Other spindle speed also available with this machine.


  • Coolant tank
  • Work lamp
  • Tool box
  • Coolant pump
  • Coolant system
  • Spindle cone air blast
  • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
  • M.P.G
  • Pilot lamp
  • Spindle thermo compensation function
  • Caterpillar type chip conveyor and chip cart
  • Central lubrication system
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Leveling bolts and blocks
  • Two chip augers beside work table
  • Ethernet socket
  • X,Y,Z axes optical scale
  • A,C axes angle encoders


  • Oil skimmer
  • Automatic tool length measurement
  • Automatic workpiece measurement
  • Coolant through spindle
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